He Thinks it's Cool -- by J. R. Andres 
Sunday, June 14, 2009, 09:09 PM
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This story has been hashed and rehashed over and over again by the media since the recent meltdown in Nashville but it’s something that just won’t go away, sort of like a trick birthday candle that refuses to be blown out. And why is that? It’s because a person of prominence in the NASCAR world continues to demonstrate an inability to recognize that the course of behavior he’s chosen doesn’t make him the hip “happening” leading edge bon vivant he considers himself to be. His boorish and tiresome behavior doesn’t seem to bother Gibb’s Racing, his Mars Candy sponsor or Toyota, either. If they’ve said something, it doesn’t seem to matter. After all, why squeeze a winner? They couldn’t bear the thought of him jumping ship. Think of all the money involved. Think of the lost revenue.

So the ship continues to sail along, undaunted and never wavering with “K the Younger’ at the helm, completely oblivious and unaware of the fact that he won’t be able to steer clear of each and every iceberg that looms before him. Convinced that he’s unstoppable and unable to sink why slow down, who cares about the warnings of the navigator? Full speed ahead!!

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